Xbox360 Three Red Rings of Terror


Earlier today I reviewed Dead Rising for the XBox360. I intend to review alot of Xbox360 horror titles. But my biggest horror so far was my brand new Xbox360 on its 3rd time being turned on showing me 3 red rings... and doing little else. I turned it on and off again and it worked fine. It has since done it a few times more. I got talking to a buddy of mine who told me its a heat sink issue and I was pretty much screwed and needed a new one which led me to a very indepth article on the Xbox360 and what a piece of crap it is. ( xbox360 Defects and history )

I cant believe that I have a brand new Xbox360 that is defective and worst of all it would appear that its not some small little isolated problem. It would appear its a massive problem to the tune of $1billion worth of recalls. So this is both a warning of buyer beware since I know I knew nothing about the problem and a question of ... does your Xbox work ok? Anyone else had problems? My foray into horror gaming on the Xbox360 is short lived at best. Now to go test their 'returns policy' on my BRAND spanking new Xbox360.

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