Evil Dead:The Musical Coming to Theatres?


According to ScreenDaily ( thanks to Ankman for the heads up ) Evil Dead the Musical is trying to make its debut in theatres in 3d. Let me just throw in right now this idea is not only lame but will never go anywhere. Why on earth would we want to watch Evil Dead the Musical in Migraine inducing 3d?

I love Evil Dead and think the Musical is pretty cool ( from what I have seen ) but if I want to get my Evil Dead movie fix I will pop in Evil Dead on VHS. I wont be going to theatres to watch Evil Dead done in song minus the reason its so kick ass in the first place.. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.  For more information, head over to the Evil Dead: The Musical Myspace.

Would you go see it if it was released in theatres? What if it gets released in 3d?

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