Haunted HayRide DVD Update


We told you a little while back that Haunted HayRide was coming to DVD but we didnt have a proper idea on what the movie was about. The filmmakers were nice enough to drop a line and fill in the blanks with the following film synopsis; HAUNTED HAY RIDE: THE MOVIE introduces a new supernatural killer called simply Hate. After permanently attaching a ghoulish mask to his face using an electric drill, Hate brutally dismembers his abusive police officer father and commences a wild killing spree which leads to his stalking and killing workers at an elaborate Halloween farm featuring a haunted hay ride. Fate has four young people on a collision course with this frightening maniac, which reaches a crescendo when Hate hi-jacks the last hay ride of the night and all hell breaks loose. The Specs are as Follows;

  • 16x9 Widescreen presentation
  • CommentaryTrack featuring Writer-Director Warren F. Disbrow, Stars Jenny Hill, Dan Bartkewicz,    Joey West, Warren Disbrow Sr
  • Featurette on movie location Brock Farms, NJ
  • Featurette on movie location Dracula's Domain Haunted Hay Ride, NJ
  • Video Interviews with Cast and Crew members
  • Promotional Free music tie-in WITH LOVE, FROM HATE by Butterfly Suicide
  • Previews and trailers from other classic Warren F. Disbrow feature films

It will be on DVD September 30th and you can score a copy right here

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