Kane Hodders Old Habits Die Hard


The Filmmakers have sent over a synopsis and poster for a new film starring Kane Hodder called 'Old Habits Die Hard'.  In a small rural town at the edge of nowhere, comes a family that puts the “fun” back in dysfunctional. Headed up by the eldest son Jonah (Kane Hodder), who moonlights as an unremorseful killer, a sister Allison (Stacey Dixon), who does her “job” but escapes her predicament by drawing her freedom in comic books, a mother whose sanity ship had sailed years ago, younger brother Rendle (Jim O’Rear), who is as deadly as he is laughable. And a little sister so wreaked with deformities, they have to keep her locked in the basement. Roll all this madness together and you get The Hollis Family, proprietors of one of the areas most successful businesses… The Hollis Funeral Home and Mortuary.

Whispers abound from the locals about the horrible practices that go on inside that ancient house. However, through careful placement of extended family members in positions of town authority, the secrets inside the Hollis Mortuary, stay inside the Hollis Mortuary. That is, until Allison finds another way to escape besides her comic books. This time, on a bus bound for the big city. Now, the family is faced with the possibility of her staying gone forever, or bringing her back to continue doing her job. If she comes back, will business go on as usual? Or will the secrets they desperately try to keep within the family walls have been unleashed for the whole world to see?

“Old Habits Die Hard” is a production intent on blending Cinema and Comic Book illustration together to create a world reminiscent of the 1980s horror classics. Directed by Ben Dixon for Bloody Moon Films in association with GVH Creative.

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