DEADMonton Horror Festival


The DeadMonton HorrorFest is getting ready to gear up and with so many horror fests sucking a nut lately and offering TERRIBLE films the fine folks in DeadMenton.... well ok its EDMONTON.. have decided to buck the trend and screen some cool flicks.

Kickstart your Halloween week with The Deadmonton Horror Festival (formerly Return to Odd), a three-day gore-a-thon of crowd pleasing cult classicks, new independent horror flicks, and local genre shorts from this city’s most depraved new filmmakers!  We’ll also feature twisted art, live (and/or living dead) music, and the strangest sideshow entertainment this side of Barnum!  

The mayhem kicks off with our Opening Night Party on October 23rd at The Starlite Room (10030 - 102 Street) with a killer live performance by Canada’s Heavy Metal Monsters THREE INCHES OF BLOOD!  Featured films include:  

  • MY NAME IS BRUCE Canadian Premiere! Horror legend Bruce Campbell plays himself (albeit an alcoholic, washed-up version) in this highly anticipated horror-comedy.  When an ancient Chinese demon terrorizes the town of Gold Lick, Oregon, a local horror fan kidnaps his idol, Bruce Campbell, mistaking him for the fictional zombie-slayer Ash. Forced to fight a real monster, can Bruce rise above the miserable, off-screen schmuck that he is, and become a hero in real life?
  • TOKYO GORE POLICE: The “What-the-f**k” movie of the year! Throw Videodrome, Evil Dead, and Robocop in a blender, hit puree, and what you’ll get is Tokyo Gore Police. This wonderfully demented blend of bisected bodies, severed limbs, exploding heads and fountains of arterial blood won the Public Award for Best Asian Film at the 2008 Fantasia Festival.
  • PHANTASM 35mm Presentation! Finally, a movie with balls. Join the terrifying Tall Man, his zombie dwarves, and his flying brain-blending spheres of doom for this trippy 1979 cult classic, presented on 35mm for the first time since it’s release!
  • NIGHT OF THE CREEPS: 35mm Presentation!     “Good news is, your dates are here. Bad news is, they’re dead.” A haggard police sergeant and a nerdy undergrad attempt to save their campus – and the world – from an alien experiment gone wrong; an experiment that’s turning the student body into student zombies! ( Read Review )
  • MIDNIGHT MOVIE Canadian Premiere! 3D takes on a terrifying new meaning when the villain from a 70’s slasher flick steps off the screen and terrorizes the audience. Caught between the world of reality and the flickering shadows of the silver screen, these movie buffs must find a way overcome the supernatural monster before they are pulled into the killer’s celluloid hell.
  • WICKED LAKE : If Dario Argento’s Suspiria, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Faster Pussycat Kill Kill had a hot, sweaty and nasty three-way on the sticky floors of a 42nd street Grindhouse, the results would be Wicked Lake. Lesbian witches take on hillbilly serial killers in this ode to 70’s exploitation. Music Score by Al Jourgensen of Ministry. ( Read Review )
  • BUBBA’s CHILI PARLOR A local cook using tainted government meat in his chili sauce accidentally unleashes a mutated strain of Mad Cow Disease which turns diners into zombies! Come enjoy some Grade Z beef in this indie horror-comedy full of blood, boobs, and raging zombie boners!
  • RODRIGO GUDINO TRIPLE BILL! Edmonton Premiere! Rue Morgue Magazine founder Rodrigo Gudino sets his sights on the world of film with three very different, but equally terrifying shorts.
    • THE EYES OF EDWARD JAMES – a dark, twisted tale of memory regression and murder
    • THE DEMONOLOGY OF DESIRE – part fatal fable, romantic thriller and artcore horror – a love story from hell ( Read Review )
    • THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MR. HOLLOW – a tale of murder, kidnapping and sacrifice captured in one haunting photograph

Weekend Passes are only $50 and get you into every screening! Passes are available at: Metro Cinema Zeidler Hall (Citadel Theatre) 9828-101A Avenue 780.425.9212

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