ToeTag Winner: Dead Birds on DVD!


Time for another spontaneous contest. We regularly reward you members who have the most toe tags with sweet swag as you all know ( or should know ). So this go around I am giving a copy of one of my favorite indie horror films DEAD BIRDS to MacheteMassacre for being our top member with the most Toe Tags on site. Congrats Machete look for your DVD in the mail in the coming week.

Quick FYI for those of you who are new by posting on our site, sharing your reviews you earn toe tags which in turn earn you cool prizes. They are easy to earn, you will hopefully have fun interacting and in turn... we will reward you with cool swag!

"DEAD BIRDS takes place in 1863 during the American Civil War. A group of Confederate soldiers hide out in an abandoned plantation after robbing a bank and find themselves at the mercy of supernatural forces.

When a group of criminals on the run after a bank robbery take refuge in an abandoned house, they have no idea what evil they have come upon. Isolated and presumed deserted, the house is anything but safe...As the night wears on and a thunderstorm grows outside, each member of the group begins to have visions of the atrocities that occurred within the house, haunting it forever.

Voices in the well, visions of mangled bodies and clawing under the stairs plague their waking hours. As the fear in the group begins to grow and the supernatural forces in the house start to manifest themselves, the group turn on each other and exact the wrath of the soul trapped within the walls."

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