Lost Boys 2 Contest Winners


Got a little sidetracked this week but as promised we have us some Lost Boys 2 Prize winners. 1 winner has won Lost Boys 2 on DVD the Uncuty Version and two other winners have won the soundtrack.

Little side note here I finally got around to watching my review copy of the film and shockingly... its not complete crap. It surprises the hell out of me to be saying that. The movie is not anywhere near as good as the first one and it does have its flaws... but its certainly not a terrible movie. You should consider checking it out ( rent it dont buy it ). At anyrate time for our winners.

Marvin Cruz you have won Lost Boys 2 on DVD, Scott Reynolds and Darrin Poll you have both won the soundtrack to Lost Boys 2 which is a pretty cool soundtrack if your into rock. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this contest such a big hit and be sure to get in on the many other contests that we have on the go! Lost more contest winners to come later today!

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