Washington signs in and Fantastic Four 2?

During a "Ray" junket in New York, Latino Review discovered that Kerry Washington will play Alicia Masters, Ben Grimms blind love interest. Even though Washington is black playing a blonde hair, blue eyed character she should fit the role. As we all know Michael Clarke Duncan played a great Kingpin. Well when asked about who she would portray, Washington had this to say.

I'm a huge fan. I play Alicia, and for those of you who are not fans, she is the blind girl that is in love with The Thing. Which is really exciting for me, because it's not a character that's black. In the comic book, historically, she has always been blonde haired and blue eyed. And the studio was really willing to go with us on this one. I'm really excited to be doing it. And I signed for sequels and all of that, so it's pretty exciting.

So it sounds like they are gearing up for sequels already. That is some of the fastest sequel news I have heard in awhile.

Source: Latino Review 


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