American Psycho Hitting Broadway


There seems to be a new trend with horror remakes, but Hollywood has nothing to do with it.  Recently many horror films seem to be headed to Broadway or being turned into stage musicals.  Now it appears another controversial horror project looks to be heading to the stage.  Reuters reports that American Psycho is currently being adapted into a Broadway show.  No timetable is known as to when we can expect the show to debut, but when the time comes I'm sure it will open with some controversy.

The controversial book by Bret Easton Ellis follows Patrick Bateman, a materialistic investment banker who leads a night life that includes drugs, prostitution, and grizzly murder.  The book has sold 1.6 million copies worldwide but has often been criticized because of it's extremely graphic violence.  The book was adapted to a movie in 2000 with Christian Bale playing the role of Patrick Bateman and saw mediocre success due to a smaller release stemming from the controvesial source material. 

Only time will tell with how graphic the stage show will be but I hope they keep it really bloody so the first few rows are in a blood splash zone and have to wear clear ponchos like Bateman had in the movie! 

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