Yep... Another Scarecrow Movie

That is right after countless killer scarecrow movies here comes another. The Scar Crow is a indie British horror movie that looks set to do what all other scarecrow movies have done before put a bunch of people in a field and have them bumped off by a straw dude with a bag on his head cool or what?
Four guys from a city insurance company are not interested in countryside team building exercises and assault courses. They would rather be playing or watching football and downing several beers while trying to lay anything in a skirt. Yet here they are on an all expenses paid company trip to the middle of nowhere deep in the English countryside, not their idea of a jolly weekend away.

But maybe their luck has arrived in the form of three sisters living and working alone on a farm close to a small village with a pub! Other than football, everything could be catered for after all! The sisters are friendly, open and warm, but all is not as it seems as the guys begin to wish they'd paid more attention on the assault course.
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