SAW 5 Sarah Palin Poster


I dont get it. That pretty much sums this poster up. The company that handless press for LionsGate and SAW 5 has just sent over a new poster for SAW 5 featuring... Sarah Palin. The reason I put it that way is because I dont believe for one second this is a theatrical/official poster for the film but I do have to ask why is this being sent out to promote SAW 5?

I have had alot of conversations about this poster and the consensus is that its not a real poster and that its a fan poster. My good buddy Vic at ScreenRant is convinced I just grabbed this off the web to get you all riled up. But seriously this came from the PR people who have sent us all our past SAW 5 materials... believe it or not.

I think this is easily the worst poster yet for SAW 5 but worst of all I just dont get it. What does Sarah Palin have to do with SAW? Is this a political message? Is it satire? My guess is its viral marketing to capitalize on the Sarah Palin massive buzz on the web and it does do that well. I just dont get what its trying to say. Is it saying she is a puppet of McCain's and will bring blood and carnage to the US if she wins? Or is there no political message and its just for laughs? I honestly dont get it.

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