Amazons Exclusive Gears 2 Collectibles


So I just had to post this because these are pretty bad ass.  While searching through some video game stuff on I found that they have two exclusive Gears of War 2 collectibles that are being released the dame day as the game.  I know there are many people who are horror collectible junkies and even people who arent familiar with the game may be tempted to buy the action figure.

The first item is a US Exlcusive and is a "Headshot" Locust Drone action figure.  It's 7" tall and comes with interchangable heads, but why would someone NOT go with the "headshot" head.  The figure also comes with a real metal COG tag replicated from the game.  It is being listed at preorder price of $19.99

I am not sure if the second item is exlcusive to the US like the Locust figure or if it is exclusive worldwide because it doesnt specify in the title.  This one is probably more for hardcore fans of the game as it is a replica Lancer, one of the cooler Gears weapons.  This Lancer replica is 13" long, 10" tall, and weighs 13 pounds.  It has some moving parts as the side handle slides back and forth and folds into the gun as well.  When the trigger is pulled, the Lancer vibrates and emits a "chainsaw" sound.  According to Amazon, this replica was created from the actual 3D data from the game.  This one will set you back a pretty penny as it is listed at $139.99.  It might be worth it for you hardcore fans and it looks pretty bad ass.

Both of these items will be available on November 7th which coincides with Gears of War 2's release.  If you are impatient, you can go ahead an preorder these now. 

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