Blindness Offends the Blind


According to the Huffington Post Blind People are highly offended about the upcoming film Blindness. Blindness is about a group of people who end up getting infected and find themselves quarantined in a prison like environment where they trade sex for food and basically go 'tribal' in a mad maxish kind of way. Mr Maurer president of the Baltimore National Federation of the Blind has come out swinging but in all fairness he does make a valid and somewhat obvious choice;

“The movie portrays blind people as monsters, and I believe it to be a lie. Blindness doesn’t turn decent people into monsters.”

I agree with him 100%. Blind people are not monsters, and turning blind doesnt turn you into a monster. But for the Blind Association to get upset about a fictional film is idiotic. It would be the same as Bikers getting upset when FEAST 2 or Hell Ride portrays them as mindless no good killers. Blindness is portraying the worst possible situation to make a dramatic point and in my view is not a negative reflection on blind people but rather a look at how society so OFTEN falls to the lowest denominator whether its blind people... bikers.. or red haired step children ( like me ).

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