Black Betty Updates, New Poster


We have some new updates on the upcoming film Black Betty including a new poster which you can checkout below. George writes to tell us;

The film is near completion, filming wise and we are almost ready for post production. their will be no cgi in the film save for opening credits and we have stills but are going to be releasing them systematically as we get closer to the release date of the film. We have also began development on the second installment of the Black Betty Trilogy. We will shoot that summer 2010 depending on scheduling.

The synopsis for the film goes like this; Betty Brewer(Jennifer Smith) was always a high school outcast and always dreamed of exacting revenge on her cruel classmates.When she is left for dead after a vampire attack she discovers she has some new abilities. Soon she begins to form an army of the undead to help her fufill her sick revenge plot. Soon the "losers" at Taylor High begin turning up dead and Molly Swann (Danya Pliachyk) begins to notice. After overhearing Betty's Conniving Minions, The Fag(Kreg J. McMinn) and The Slut (Sera Haakonson) , discussing the plan Molly begins warning everyone of what's to come. Taylor High's smart mouthed principal (Diane Brown) soon suspends her leaving Molly's best friend Gretchen hayes (Shantelle Bouschard) isolated.Soon time is running out and it becomes apparent that Betty has set her sights on Alex (Jonathan Glasgow) and Molly forges a plan of her own: Kill Betty Brewer, If Betty doesn't kill them all first.

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