Jack Brooks Monster Slayer DVD Clips


Anchorbay has just sent over some awesome new clips, 8 in total for Jack Brooks Monster Slayer. The trailer below is gore-tastic and shows that the movie is not at all tame.. its uber gorey and also... uber-funny. Watch the first clip below and the rest here. Jack Brooks Monster Slayer is on DVD Tomorrow... Oct 7th.

No one would ever believe what happened the night Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. His life destroyed, all he has left is an unquenchable fury he's now fighting to control. Now the local plumber, Jack continuously struggles with his memories as his life becomes a downward spiral until his girlfriend Eve convinces him to attend night classes.

Little does he know that in that dank, tiresome classroom, his destiny awaits. Evil awakens as Jack unknowingly disturbs the grounds surrounding Professor Crowley 's dilapidated old home. Lured by this ancient demonic power, Crowley discovers a monstrous black heart that quickly forces its way into him. Possessed by the heart now beating in his chest, the Professor starts a slow, gruesome, transformation... One night, as Crowley bursts into a creature of legends, Jack finally discovers the true purpose of his rage as he attempts to save the lives of his classmates and learns that you can't run from your past...

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