Dead in Three Days 2 Teaser


I dont know how many people are familiar with the Austrian slasher film Dead in Three Days but it was a pretty solid horror film from a country not known for any slasher films.  The original film ended up being somewhat of a hit in Austria, so naturally the director Andreas Prochaska is doing a sequel.  TwitchFilm got their hands on the teaser trailer for Dead in Three Days 2 so I figured I would share and maybe it will convince some people to check out the original.

Dead in Three Days 2 takes place a year and a half after a psychopath killed three of Nina's best friends.  Even after fleeing to Vienna, she cant escape the grisly images of the past. Nina receives a troubling phone call from her friend Mona but thinks its another bad dream.  She then tries to contact Mona, but she seems to have disappeared as her cell phone number no longer exists and the gas station which Mona¹s father had run has mysteriously closed down. The only remaining trace of her friend leads to Tyrol, to Mona's place of birth, and finally to a lonely inn in the snow-covered mountains that local villagers avoid.  Despite numerous warnings, Nina heads for the mountains alone.  However, what she finds at the inn is far more terrifying than the rumours suggest, plunging her into a new terror amid the inhospitable freezing snowscapes of the Austrian mountains.

No word on when Dead in Three Days 2 will be released but when anything else surfaces you will be sure to know. 

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