Jack Brooks Sequel On The Way


Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Movie DetailsJack Brooks Monster Slayer has finally hit shelves everywhere on DVD and director Jon Knautz is out promoting the hell out of it. Today in an interview that was posted on Bloody Good Horror he spoke about the sequel:

"We're currently in script development, we haven't actually spun out a draft yet, but we're quite far into development. Far enough that there's no turning back. We knew we didn't have the money to do a full blown action/horror movie with part 1, we just didn't have the money. So the gameplan was to make a movie about a guy who becomes a monster slayer, and then the action hits you at the end. With Part 2 now, we're looking to raise quite a bit more money... people will get what they want in this one for sure, if they like the end of the first one."

He went on to say that they should be shooting sometime next summer. They will be spending an additional four months on the script and 5 months on pre-production to make sure that everything goes smoothly with the next film. When the topic of some plot details came up Knautz told the site:

"There will be new characters, and Jack sort of partners up with someone else. Actually, It's more like they are forced to work with each other. He kind of gets caught up in this scenario where he's taken advantage of and then realizes later on that he was sort of used to kill monsters he wasn't necessarily supposed to kill, and it kind of leads him into this whole new adventure he gets caught up in."

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