Bleak Update On Smith's Red State


While Kevin Smith was out promoting his latest comedy Zack and Miri Make A Porno he stopped by AICN. During his interview he was asked about Red State and from what he had to say things are not looking to good for this horror outing if you are hoping to see this thing anytime soon.

"I'm still trying to find money for Red State, though, admittedly, I haven't been looking that hard yet, since it's not something I'm gonna get to 'til March the earliest. Early prospects, however, look dim. Problem is, the flick is bleak. Beyond bleak, even. Remember how bleak Dark Knight was? This flick makes the bleakness level in that flick seem Beverly Hills Chihuahua bleak. Sadly, while the flick's bleaker than Dark Knight, it's also not nearly as good as Dark Knight. Or as commercial. Or commercial at all, really. The commercial prospects for Red State are not good. The only chance it'll have at the box office would be if it caught a water cooler-kinda buzz out of a film festival. So when you go down the checklist (overtly bleak, unlikeable characters making horrible decisions, unhappy ending in which everyone dies, a director of questionable talent who's never worked in this genre before), you can see why folks aren't whipping out their check books.

The question, then, would be "Why bother?" For some reason, I feel like I've gotta make this flick. Part of the reason is that I never really feel like a filmmaker most days; more of a writer who gets to direct his own flicks. Trying my hand at another genre that's 180 degrees away from anything else I've ever done might finally answer the question (for me) of whether or not I truly am a filmmaker, or just the guy who makes the dick and fart jokes movies. I suspect it's the latter. I guess we'll see. Maybe."

The only thing I am wondering about is why he would hesitate to make the film. He has never made a truly commercial film before. I mean when you make a film with the word porno in the title you obviously not going for a commercial crowd. But as Smith says only time will tell.

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