Last Call Feast 2 DVD Contest


Time to cleanup more contests so this is your last call to win FEAST 2 on DVD. We already posted a contest for 2 signed posters for FEAST 2 and to follow that up we are giving away the DVD now. We will choose the winner from our Top 10 members of the site. The top ten members can be seen on our mainpage ( middle bottom ). Getting into said top 10 is pretty easy. You earn 'toe tag points' from posting and you can earn up to 100 toe tags per review depending on what film and the quality. So even if your not in the Top 10 if your a regular member it wont be hard to get there. Just ask FecalKid who made his way into top 10 standing in a few days.  

From the writers/director of Feast comes the next chapter in this soon-to-be-classic horror series. It's the morning after the initial attack and the nasty flesh-eating monsters are now invading the nearby town.

The few people lucky enough to have survived the night join a twisted group of locals whose only goal is to stay alive - - - no matter the cost. Featuring a motley group of characters - including an all-girl biker gang and a tag team of ass-kicking midgets - Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds serves up twice the blood, twice the body parts and twice the fun!

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