New Artwork for Amusement....sort of


It's been a long time since we had any news on the horror clown flick Amusement.  Amusement was set to come out in theaters April 25 but then got pushed back to September 12th.  Well September 12th came and went without the film being released and it now appears Amusement is stuck in release hell.  Who knows if we will ever get this in theaters or if it will end up direct to DVD, but in the meantime there is some new (if you can call it that) artwork to appear.  FearHasNoCure got their hands on the artwork, but it looks like whoever made it got really lazy.  It is nothing more than a rip off of the Jeepers Creepers poster from a few years ago.  Hmmm.....just when I had hope that Amusement might actually be an original film....maybe this helps explain why the film keeps getting delayed.

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