Ghost House Undergound DVD Sale


We sometimes inform everyone of good DVD sales going on, and this is a perfect week if you are heading out to pick up any of the new Ghost House DVD's.  I previously reported on the huge Ghost House Underground DVD slate that released today.  Well if you are interested in picking any of these 8 new horror DVD's up you can get them at slightly cheaper prices if you buy multiple DVD's at Best Buy.  These films are selling for $14.99 individually or you can get 2 for $25.  You can also buy all 8 DVD's for only $70 if you are willing to give all the films a chance. 

This is very similar to the deals that Best Buy had on the After Dark films when all 8 released earlier in the year.  I personally didnt know about the sale and only picked up one DVD, but I may go back and return it and then get a second one with it to take advantage of the lower price. 

In case you dont know what these 8 DVD's are that I am talking about, they are the first major group of releases from Ghost House Underground.  These films include: Dance of the Dead, Brotherhood of Blood, Dark Floors, The Last House in the Woods, No Mans Land: The Rise of Reeker, The Substitute, Room 205, and Trackman.  Just like After Dark Horrorfest DVD's, give a few of them a try.  You're bound to find at least something to enjoy. 

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