Black Christmas Comes to BluRay


Home theatre elitists and horror film fanatics, will be overjoyed this Holiday season, as Somerville House/Critical Mass presents the Blu-ray debut of the 1974 cult classic, “Black Christmas.”  Home audiences will be quivering in their seats with this stunning transfer to HD video and 5.1 audio.  Directed by the late, great, legendary, Bob Clark (“A Christmas Story” “Porky’s”), and starring Margot Kidder (“Superman”), Black Christmas” set the standard years before “Halloween,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and “Friday the 13th.”

A remake of the film was released in 2006 by Twentieth Century Fox, however Bob Clark’s original still reigns high with its loyal fans. Distributed by Koch Entertainment, the Blu-ray Disc will be available on November 11, 2008 with 2 hours of bonus materials for a suggested retail price of $29.98.
Premiere Magazine has recently recognized Bob Clark’s film as one of the Top Ten Holiday Horror Flicks raving, “Black Christmas is both truly terrifying and surprisingly original. It features well-developed characters and exceptional performances, among them the always great John Saxon.”  The A.V. Club exclaimed, “In Black Christmas, the audience can't escape the horror by closing their eyes” while
The Austin Chronicle raved of the film, “This modest Canadian production helped inaugurate the conventions of the slasher subgenre” and Time Out Chicago hailed the film, “a good slice of old-fashioned suspense.”
With the audio  (5.1 surround sound) and video quality (1080p, 16X9 Blu-ray transfer) at its highest lever, viewers may jolt from their seats with every blood-curdling scream and suspense filled scene. They will feel like they are right there with the sisters of the Pi Kappa Sig sorority as they prepare for the Holiday Season.  However, when a stranger begins stalking their sorority house, audiences will shudder with fear.
Mysterious phone calls ensue as the caller repeats, “It’s Me, Billy” which are soon followed by a series of grisly murders.  One by one, members of the house are tormented and killed.  Faced with her own personal problems, Jess Bradford (Olivia Hussey) takes on the daunting task of trying to save the others from the killer, and together with LT. Fuller (John Saxon), they must uncover the evil on the most unholy of nights.
Bonus features on the special Blu-ray version include two original scenes with a new vocal soundtrack, "The 12 Days of Black Christmas", a documentary featuring current interviews with Art Hindle, Doug McGrath & Lynne Griffin among others, separate interview segments with Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder, a midnight screening Q&A session with John Saxon, Bob Clark & Carl Zittrer, and animated menus.

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