Spiffy New Smash Cut Poster

It's been a while since we updated you on Lee Demarbre's new film Smash Cut, so it's a good time to bring it back up with a sweet new poster.  TwitchFilm got their hand on the new poster and I must say I like it more than the original poster. Smash Cut has a very interesting cast and sounds like it will be a pretty pitch black horror comedy.  I enjoyed Demarbre's previous film Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter so I will be keeping my eye on this.  The new poster can be found at the bottom of this article. 

Smash Cut revolves around Able Whitman a filmmaker who is going through rough times and is slowly losing his mind. After his latest film bombs, he picks up a stripper who he accidentally kills. To hide this, he decides to shoot a horror film and uses her corpse as a prop in the film. He soon learns that one body isnt enough and begins to kill more to have enough "props" for his film. The strippers sister and a detective are soon hot on Whitman's heels but can he finish his masterpiece film before they catch him?

Smash Cut stars
David Hess, Michael Berryman, Ray Sager, Herschell Gordon Lewis and Sasha Grey.

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