Police Shut Down SAW 5 Viral Campaign


Chock this one up as damn funny... but also under-standable. LionsGate decided in an effort to market SAW 5 they would do one of those viral campaigns that TRANSFORMERS did so well. You hit their site and you get a phone service to call your buddy and use your name. I had Optimus Prime call my good buddy John who runs TheMovieBlog and we both laughed our asses off. The problem with the SAW 5 one is that Jigsaw calls your friend, and tells them that you have been kidnapped and that you will be involved in an evil game. Here is exactly what is said;

"Hello, [ Your Friends name ] . Do you want to play a game? You think it's over but the games have just begun. I'm here with your friend [ Your Friends Name ]. My work will continue in a way you never saw coming. You won't believe how it ends.

Of course folks decided it was awesome and started calling folks they knew who apparently had no idea what SAW was about and they ended up calling the police. As a result of a rash of phone calls to the po-po saying 'oh my god my friend is going to die' ( or something to that effect ) the viral tool has been shut down. Shame Lionsgate didnt market the viral tool sounds awesome nad I would have tried it out. Thanks to Jerold from BlogTO for the heads up.

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