Cast and Title news for War of the Worlds Remake !

Miranda Otto ("LotR"-Trilogy) and Tim Robbins ("The Player") are in talks to star besides Tom Cruise, in Steven Spielbergs remake of "War of the Worlds".

It's said, that Tim Robbins will play an astronomer named "Ogilvy", and Miranda Otto will portray the maincharacter's (Tom Cruise) wife. Their child will be played by Dakota Fanning ("Man on Fire").

The production (the film's production budget could top $120m, beating the record set by James Cameron's elephantine Titanic in 1997) for this Paramount/Dreamworks movie runs at full speed, to start filming this November. The movie (an adaptation of  H.G. Wells' classic Mars Invasion story from 1898) is still set to a June 2005 release. The script was written by David Koepp.

The title looks to stay "War of the Worlds", because UIP-Netherlands changed it back (from "Out of the Night") on their Website,  and the new premier date is set to the 29th of June 2005.

Source: Variety / UIP Netherlands

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