Exclusive: Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead Remake


Today I had a chance to catchup with Bruce Campbell who is easily one of the biggest genre icons around. I spent most of my time talking to him laughing my ass off since as many of you should know he is one funny guy. He is the definition of a fan boy doing fan films. He loves what he does and it shows. I asked him about the upcoming Evil Dead remake and what the deal was with all these rumors and speculation of its happening and its not happening. In a nut shell its not happening.

During our chat we touched on the topic of remakes in general and Bruce is by no means against the idea. He much like my own thinking believes that their is the right way to do a remake and the wrong way. Don't do it for the dollars you have to do it with the right reasons in mind. You have to make a film for the fans and we all know that is exactly what Bruce tries to do with all his projects.

Bruce Campbell told me in our exclusive one on one chat that although he is all for doing a new one or even remaking the classic film it is not moving forward yet and despite comments by Sam Raimi and even Bruce himself that it is just talk... nothing is happening with the project.

They would both be happy to do it but are just to busy with family and other projects to make it happen. Sam Raimi is going to be knee deep in his blockbusters with Spiderman 4 and 5 and Bruce is very busy working on his own projects in film including a stint on the TV show Burn Notice ( which is a fantastic role ).  So at this point and for the near future there are no plans for an Evil Dead remake or Sequel that involves Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi. But there is hope that one day we may get it since both of them are very much interested in bringing the project to life.

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