Signed Feast 2 Poster Winners


Feast 2 was an awful let down for me after how great the first film was. That said we do have something very cool from the film which is signed mini-posters. The posters are definitely kick ass and we have two winners. 

Feast 2's plot goes like this; It's the morning after the initial attack and the nasty flesh-eating monsters are now invading the nearby town. The few people lucky enough to have survived the night join a twisted group of locals whose only goal is to stay alive - - - no matter the cost. Featuring a motley group of characters - including an all-girl biker gang and a tag team of ass-kicking midgets

The two winners are Joe Cammack and forum member GardenofStone10. Thanks to all who entered. Your posters are being shipped this week.

As you regular readers know we run a ton of contests so keep your eyes peeled on our site, or use our RSS feed to keep up on them. Thanks again for supporting our site and our contests!

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