How To Make A SPLINTER Pumpkin


SPLINTER is a truly fantastic movie and it is getting absolutely no love from the studio. To date the only marketing materials sent out to us have come from the director and he is single handedly promoting his film and buiding awareness. Below is his latest SPLINTER video and this one is very cool. In it the INSANE hot star of SPLINTER does a 'How To' on making a SPLINTER Pumpkin. Its easy, it looks really really cool and its something you and I can do for Halloween. Check it out below. Remember to go checkout Splinter on Halloween in Theatres.

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Splinter won six awards at the ScreamFest LA awards. It won 6 Golden Skulls which just re-affirms what we have been saying for a long time. This is a fantastic horror movie well deserving of recognition! The awards it won includes;

  • Best Editing (David Michael Maurer)
  • Best Score (Elia Cmiral)
  • Best Special Effects (Quantum Creation FX)
  • Best Make-Up (Ozzy Alverez, Danielle Noe)
  • Best Directing (Toby Wilkins)
  • Best Picture

Congratulations to Toby and the rest of his crew who have put together a fantastic film and have gotten some well deserved recognition. The film opens this Halloween in limited release and is also available on HDNet. You can read my review of the film right here.

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