My Bloody Valentine DVD Specs

Yesterday we informed y'all of the upcoming DVD release of the original My Bloody Valentine on January 13, three days before the remake hits screens.  I saw the original last night at the local theater and I gotta say it wasn't that bad.  As a slasher its of good quality and certainly one of the better '80s slashers I've seen.  Though the ending twist was pretty dumb.  Watching it there was obviousness of editing done by censors to get an R rating.

We just got word from Lionsgate on the special features for the upcoming DVD:

  • Never-Before-Scene Lost Footage
  • Featurette about the making of the film
  • Ultimate Slasher: Interactive Guide into the evolution of the slasher genre

Not a lot of special features (no idea yet if the deleted footage will be put back into the movie) however it's certainly a lot more than the barebones disc Paramount put out.  Though would like to maybe see a commentary by the director.  The DVD of My Bloody Valentine is released on January 13, 2009 and on the 16th you can catch its 3D remake in theaters.
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