Gears of War Movie Updates

Meh have posted some updates on the upcoming Gears of War Movie that hints the film will in fact be a prequel to the smash hit video game it is based on. go give a read for more details. As well below from RipTen you can checkout an insanely cool fake movie poster for the feature film.

Gears of War will be in theatres in 2010. Earlier the writer Stuart Beattie who wrote the movie told GamePro that they intend to shoot it in a similar style to 300. Since 300 was one of the most bad ass movies I have seen in a very long time I think its all good. Gears of War has the potential to be the most explosive game to movie adaptation ever made! No word on who will star in the film or direct because its a bit early yet.

The movie will take place during the Pendulum Wars which is the 79 year war that manking fought on Sera. The movie will follow Marcus Fenix as they battle a monstrous insect invasion. It seems the story will be told with some flash backs and involve a mix of characters. Sounds promising! Stuart Beattie (Collateral) is writing the screenplay and Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey are producing via their Temple Hill.

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