A New Elvis Cast in Bubba Nosferatu?


Not long ago Bruce Campbell made it very apparent that he didn't want to be involved in the next installment of Bubba Ho-Tep. Many fans assumed that would be the end of the film. Without Bruce it didn't seem like the project would have much leverage anymore. But Paul Giamatti recently made an announcement during an interview over at AICN.

Giamatti of course will have the role of Col. Parker in the film and he is also producing the project with his small company. Giamatti revealed that they have began talking with Ron Perlman to play Elvis. At first I thought this was a very odd choice but then I realized that he will of course be under a lot of prosthetics that will alter his face much like Bruce Campbell did. I'm not sure what to think of the casting because I see someone like Kurt Russell being a more obvious choice.

Aside from announcing Ron Perlman as Elvis he also talked quite a bit about Bubba Nosferatu, "It’s got a lot of stuff about Col. Parker being responsible for a lot of what happened to Elvis and kind of literally making him a vampire in some ways, you know? A kind of a blood sucker… It plays on a lot of things, this movie, in a great way and it’s got Sitting Bull in it and there’s a peyote trip in it that is amazing and it’s just a big leap beyond the other movie. It’s ten times more insane and bizarre and it’s great and hilarious, too. It’s funnier than the other one is even. It still ends up being this great character study of this Elvis guy."

Now all we have to do is hope that everything goes according to plan. Right now they are planning to shoot the project in Spring because that is when Ron Perlman has a window of opportunity to do it. Be sure to keep it right here and as soon as we hear anything new on this project we will let you know.

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