An Unborn Trailer

David Goyer without a doubt is an extreme writing talent, the guy simply know how to write cool films.  However as a director I'm not a fan of Goyer's previous directorial credits Blade Trinity and The Invisible.  But both showed some ability and possiblitiy and it looks like with his third outing as director, he might have just hit it.

Apple got their hands on the trailer for Goyer's third film The Unborn.  I gotta say, it looks very stylish and if the feature film is pulled together right, it might prove to be a strong start for horror in '09.  It's also as of this point, the only non-remake (TCM: Beginning related to a remake) produced by Michael Bay's Platnium Dunes company.  So from that point I'm a bit nervous, however I feel confident that Unborn might just be a good movie.  Check out the trailer here and sound off what you think.

The Unborn tells the ghostly tale of a young woman battling a spirit that is slowly possessing her to reach our realm.  No rating however has been issued yet.  By the looks of it (and that Platnium Dunes has never done PG13), I'll go with possibly an R.  Unborn is Born on January 9, 2009.
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