Win Halloween Mobile Games


Did you ever think that you could creep out your mobile phone too?  Check out Handango’s TOP SPOOKIEST mobile apps. They’re a scream! As an added bonus we are giving away some free ones. So if you want a free Handango Mobile Game send an email to with the subject Handango and we will then give away some.

  • Fear of the Dark - A cool and fun horror action adventure game where a princess needs to be saved from an army of dangerous, dark creature zombies, werewolfs, death, phalanx, and other dangerous monsters. ($9.99)
  • Zombie Buster – An addictive and fun horror shooter game where a villager trapped in a haunted house needs police help to chase away zombies in his house. ($5.99)
  • Halloween Theme – Turn your regular background into a fun Halloween theme! Brooms, ghosts, pumpkins and spooky fonts take over your screen. ($5.99)
  • Scary Halloweentones - Go SCARY this Halloween season with 13 Halloween ringtones from your favorite creepy shows! Select ringtones from the Addams Family, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Exorcist, The Munsters, Phantom of the Opera, Psycho, X Files and more. ($9.95)
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