Two Zombie Movies added today!

Today I added two indie zombie films to our database.  The first is Risen which is still in the pre-production phase.  They are currently holding a casting and crew call so any people in the Texas area who would like to take part in a zombie film make sure you look them up!  Their website can be visited at

The second movie added to the database is Dead Meat.  This is another indie zombie movie straight out of Ireland.  I don't know what is up with the Irish lately but they sure are making the zombie movies fast and furiously!  First it was Boy Eats Girl and now Dead Meat!  Anyways Dead Meat is about an infected cow that, after escaping, ends up...umm...infecting some humans and turning them into flesh eating zombies.

Both films sound quite good and I hope they pan out to be excellent additions to the Zombie film genre!

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