Splinter Gets Rave Reviews


I saw SPLINTER some time back and loved it. I am really happy to see that fans who have since seen it also loved the hell out of it. Below are three reviews for the masterpiece that is SPLINTER. It got a theatrical release but an insultingly small one. It also had a run on a specialty channel on the boob tube. If you have not seen it try hard to.. its fantastic. If you have seen it feel free to write your own review. Good or bad we want to read it!  

Splinter is set in and around a quiet gas station on a lonely freeway, where a terrifying virus-like monster inhabits the bodies of its victims and drives them with a relentless lust for blood. The virus monster is said to twist the bodies of its prey into the shapes best suited to pursue its unrelenting desire to infect more victims and kill again.

Splinter Review by Meh  
Splinter (2008) Review by the5thdroog  
Splinter Review by Bloodwave DVD  

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