George Romero's Of the Dead Plot


Finally we have a full plot for the upcoming George A Romero's ....Of the Dead. On a small island off the cost of North America the Dead Rise ot menace the living. The islanders cant bring themselves to eterminate the loir loves ones despite the growing danger fro those they once held dear. A rebel among them hunts down all the zombies he can find only to be banished from the island for assassinating his neighbors and friends.

On the mainland, bent on revenge, he encounters a small band of Survivors in search of an oasis on which to build a new life. Barely surviving an attack from a mass of ravenous flesh eaters they commandeer a zombie infested ferry and sail to the island. There to their horor they discover that the locals have chained the dead inside their homes pretending to live 'normal lives' with bloody consequences.

What ensues is a desperate struggle for survival and the answer to question never posed in Romeros dead films.. can the living ever live in peace with the dead?

Looking forward to this movie? Or are you still feeling a bit let down from Diary of the Dead?

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