Yuzna Producing Three 3D Flicks

Today Variety is reporting that Brian Yuzna (Re-Animator) will be producing three brand new 3-D films. First up on the 3-D roster is "Amphibious," a thriller about a giant sea scorpion that Yuzna will direct from a script he penned with John Penney. Pic will be co-produced by Infinite Frameworks of Singapore. Shooting is slated to begin in March on Batam Island.

Next will be "Necronauts," a journey into the realm of death written by novelist Terry Bisson. Pic will be helmed by "Lawnmower Man" and "Virtuosity" director Brett Leonard, who has also directed two Imax 3-D movies. Richard Stanley ("Hardware," "Dust Devil") helms the third project, "Cold Blooded," a survival story penned by Rob Wiser about vacationing Americans stranded on an island where they must combat man-eating komodo dragons.

All three of the films will be shot in English most likely to appeal to the largest market possible. Komodo Film set up the deal with Yuzna to help make Singapore the place to go for 3-D films. If you haven't noticed by now.. It looks like 3-D is going to be the next big trend, that is, as long as long as these films work. We haven't seen a "real" 3-D horror film and we won't until My Bloody Valentine 3D hits. After that we have Piranha to look forward to.

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