Halo-8 Picks Up Xombie


We have been huge fans of James Farr and his amazing world of Xombie since the online webisodes began several years ago. Since all of the overwhelming response Farr had gotten over the series he took it to the next level with a comic and graphic novel with Devils Due Productions.

Today it was announced that Halo-8 has acquired worldwide distribution rights to Farr's Xombie: The Animated Series film. Halo-8 plan to give the new film a limited theatrical run and then finally release the project on DVD. I'm glad that Halo-8 finally had the balls to do what nobody else would. If there was ever a no brainer picking up this film was definitely one of them.

"As the first sentient zombie in an animated series, Xombie provides a completely new twist to the horror genre, which is why it has resonated so well with the fans," said John Frank Rosenblum, XOMBIE's Executive Producer. "Halo-8, a distributor with a true love for horror, is the perfect partner for expanding this unique property into a whole new market."

Halo-8 is also going to help from now on in developing other Xombie animated media. I'm not sure what that means but hopefully it means more webisodes after the cliffhanger of an ending the webseries left. If you have never watched the series get to it and hit up the official website.

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