Twilight Sequels Already In Works?

News like this will certainly please the single (I know there's more but they're very silent) Twilight fan on the site.  With it's soundtrack dominating the charts, book sales through the roof and solid pre-show ticket's not outside a realm of possibility that the tween vampire movie Twilight will be a hit.  Blockbuster...maybe not, but certainly it will bring home the gravy. 

Confident their $37million dollar investment will pay off, Summit Entertainment has snagged the rights to the rest of the saga: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.  THR has word the company has also signed on scribe Melissa Rosenberg (who penned Twilight's screenplay) to write screenplays for New Moon & Eclipse.  No writer has signed on for the fourth in the series, but a safe bet is on Ms. Rosenberg getting first chance if she does a good enough job with the others.  There is no word if director Catherine Hardwicke will return to helm the sequels. 

opens on November 21, opposite of Disney's Bolt and the duel between fangirls and families will be interesting.  But considering how well Saw V did against HSM3...wouldn't be surprised if Twilight starts out in the $30million range...or above.
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