Del Toro Producing Pinocchio


Variety announced today that Guillermo del Toro has teamed up with the Jim Henson Co. to bring a darker version of Pinocchio to life. They intend to use stop motion animation to pull this off which seems like the best route to go without making this look ridiculous. Del Toro is currently working on the screenplay with Gris Grimly.

Gris Grimly has a firm grasp of the story having illustrated a version of the story in 2002. Grimly will co direct alongside Adam Parrish King. I guess the only question to be asked is how dark can Pinocchio really go? I can see some aspects of the story that can really be taken to the edge but I think this will still retain much of its "innocence". But del Toro is always very good at turning that into horror as well as he did in Pans Labyrinth.

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