Re-Animator TV Series In The Works


Today B-D has learned that Transition Entertainment have decided to go ahead and shoot a pilot episode for a new Re-Animator television series. Now usually I would be jumping for joy at this news but this one comes with a gimmick. Apparently the story will bring Herbert West back as "a teenage Dr. Frankenstein for the new millennium".

The show will be called Herbert West: Re-Animator the Series. The pilot episode was written by Meredith Red and William Butler. Now I don't know for sure but I believe that this is the same William Butler that wrote Gingerdead Man and has appeared in just about every major slasher franchise as an actor.

B-D has a complete cast listing up on their site and it is definitely a sight for sore eyes. The series will apparently have its very own Jay and Silent Bob. I really don't know who they plan on making this show for. Why use the Re-Animator name if you are just going to shit on all the fans of the original film? It's not really an instant recognition for most people so the title should really have nothing to do with it. At any rate keep it here for more as we hear it.

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