Evil Dead 4: Consequences, Bruce Campbell Speaks!

It is highly unlikely that Evil Dead 4 will ever be made, but the film makers have made hints in the past that there is a possibilty, In Fangoria (a popular horror magazine) Rob Tapert hinted that he Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were getting together for an unnamed low budget horror flick.

Bruce Campbell has said that Evil Dead: hail to the king is "The next best thing to Evil Dead 4"

Unknown... it could involve Ash In the devestated future (from the original ending to Army of Darkness)

Bruce has been known to say "Evil Dead 4 + Ever Happening = Fantasy" in the past, but he also said that he would like to do another Evil Dead film with Sam, but Army of Darkness didn't rake in enough cash at the box-office for them to make 'Evil Dead 4'

"Sam and Ivan Raimi did finally write a script for Evil Dead IV - they've written a couple of outlines and the first fifteen pages of a script, all of which are different, including one starring just Bruce and plenty of the Evil Dead. Rumour has it that the story takes place at a gas station." - The Evil Dead Companion.

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