Potential Writer For Oldboy Remake


The Oldboy remake has been through a lot of hands recently. Finally it looks like Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are pushing this thing through for Dreamworks. Today THR reports that Smith has invited writer Mark Protosevich to meet with Spielberg about adapting the original film.

Protosevich is known for having written the script for I Am Legend which is why Will Smith decided to give him the nod. No word on whether or not Will Smith will actually star or not but it is beginning to sound more and more likely. I'm not sure how well that will turn out. I think Smith is a great actor and he could pull it off but its more of the fact that he is such a well known actor that I would rather see someone else in the role.

The original Korean film followed a man who was kidnapped and thrown in a cell for 15 years. After he is let out he must discover who did this to him and why they did it. As soon as we get more info on this project we will let you know.

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