Max Brooks Talks World War Z Movie


Max Brooks is one of the most well known horror writers in the genre. Even people who hardly read horror know about the Zombie Survival Guide. Its essential reading for zombie fans. So when word came down that Paramount and Brad Pitt were going to adapt his newest novel World War Z it created a lot of hype.

Not long ago it was announced that 007: Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster would direct Max Brooks jumped on Fangoria Radio to say a couple things, "Now that we have a director, we have a captain of the ship. Marc will determine start date, cast, locations, etc. For me personally, I’m content to go off to Iceland and let them make their movie.”

The film is in good hands all around with scribe J. Michael Straczynski adapting the novel. Most people seem to remember him for writing The Changeling or other film projects. I on the other hand remember him as the man who brought life back to the Superman comics. As you can imagine he has a huge resume and Brooks is just as excited, "I’m thrilled that the man who created BABYLON 5 is working on this movie,” Brooks said. “I can’t give it away, but Straczynski found a way to tie it all together. The last draft I read was amazing.”

While we are waiting around for them to hurry up and finish the film. Brooks is going to be putting out a graphic novel with Avatar Press. Avatar will be publishing Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks in Spring 2009. So until then keep it here for more.

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