Alien Raiders Comes to DVD


Alien Raiders comes to DVD February 17th and from the studio we have the specs. Fresh veggies on Aisle 1. Fresh kills throughout the store. Something terrible is happening at Hastings Market. Something bloody. Something deadly. Something inhuman. And caught up in the grisly horror inside the market are shoppers turned hostages, unearthly alien terrors…and a dedicated commando band of raiders on a search-and-destroy mission to stop the intruders dead cold no matter where they hide.

From Raw Feed, creators of the Rest Stop and Otis shockers, comes the sci-fi/horror tale Alien Raiders, a nerve-shredding battle for human survival against aliens that invade our world by invading our bodies. Be alert. Beware. Be afraid. The creatures’ next host could be your neighbor. Your kid brother. No – it’s you!

Special Features

  • Hidden Terror:  The Making of Alien Raiders - An in depth look at the “hidden among us” themes in the film.
  • Blood, Sweat and Fears:  The Special Effects of Alien Raiders - Behind the scenes look at creating the gory effects for the alien creatures in the film.
  • Tape #9 Sterling Explains Alien - Handheld camera footage of Sterling detailing the physiology of the alien parasites as well as her first meeting with Ritter.
  • Tape #12 Spookie's Job - Handheld camera footage of Spookie explaining how he obtained his “talent” for spotting aliens.
  • Whitney Cam - Postings from Whitney's blog after the Buck Lake incident.
  • Raw Feed Trailers:
    • Alien Raiders
    • Believers
    • Otis
    • Rest Stop
    • Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back
    • Sublime
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