The Box Release Date Bumped Again


Richard Kelly's The Box has been bumped, yet again. Last time the film was bumped it was from March 20th 2009 to September 2009. Now according to Box Office Mojo it looks like it has been bumped to November 6th, 2009. That is just about a year from now until we see the film. It being from Richard Kelly actually doesn't surprise me because studios often cannot grasp new ideas very well.. especially when it comes to Kelly. 

Everything surrounding Richard Kelly's The Box has been very quiet which is very odd. A film that is based off of a Richard Matheson story and has some big names attached should be getting a lot more press than this. Norma and Arthur Lewis are faced with a terrible dilemma when a mysterious glass box turns up at their door. If they press the button inside the box, they'll get enough money to save their ailing son, but in exchange, someone, somewhere in the world will die.

When the temptation to save their beloved son becomes too much to bear, Norma pushes the button. Immediately, a gunshot rings out somewhere nearby. Consumed with guilt, Norma must do everything in her power to solve a murder she has knowingly caused.

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