Adam Green Talks Hatchet 2


Adam Green exploded onto the scene with Hatchet. A film which we covered extensively here from its announcement all the way to its release on DVD from Anchor Bay. Today Fangoria caught up with the man about the possible sequel that he has been chatting up ever since the commentary on the DVD.

The situation is that I’m committed to FROZEN, which I start shooting in February, and then I’m doing a romantic comedy that Chris Columbus is producing called GOD ONLY KNOWS. Right now, the HATCHET people are saying they would like the movie to be in theaters next September, and I don’t know if I can do the best job as director under those circumstances.

He has promised that he is writing the script however. In his version of a sequel it would pick up right where Hatchet left off. He went on to say that as long as his script stays intact that Kane Hodder would definitely be back as well as Tony Todd and Joel David Moore. So we can only hope that we get a sequel and if any franchise really deserves a sequel it is definitely Hatchet.

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