Midnight Meat Train DVD Details!

Ryuhei Kitamura's adaptation of Clive Barker's The Midnight Meat Train has had one of the most convoluted and horrific release issues of any movie not being made by the Weinsteins.  We all know the story of its constant theater/no theater release and how in late summer it was dumped into a hundred discount theaters.

Now, DVDActive has nabbed the long awaited DVD details and artwork.  Special Features Include:

  • Anatomy of a Murder: The Making of The Midnight Meat Train Featurette
  • World of Clive Barker Featurette
  • Mahogany's Bag Feature

The last one has me scratching my noggin, but I'm guessing its a detailed look into the tools and weapons used by Mahogany (Vinnie Jones).   I'm a bit sad at the lack of a commmentary, but maybe Kitamura and/or Barker will record a podcast in the future that you can download and listen to while watching the film.  One can hope.  The box art says "Director's Cut", but the few who saw it are the only ones who can tell the difference.  The Midnight Meat Train hits DVD and Blu-Ray on February 17, 2009.

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