Saw V DVD Specs and Art

Saw V started out decent enough.  The two opening traps were clever and escape from the second trap was smart and unexpected.  Then it fell like a brick into a string of predictable actions with characters that would barely qualify as stereotype cardboard cutouts..  All in all, the worst sequel in the franchise and probably one of the worst horror sequels ever.  But, anywho, I know I will end up buying the DVD, if just to complete the series on my shelf.

Fangoria got word from Lionsgate on the specs for the release.  It will be released in a Rated Fullscreen and Unrated Director's Cut Widescreen & Blu-Ray formats.  Rated will only have the theatrical trailer. 

Special Features for the Unrated Disc:

  • Commentary by Director David Hackl and Assitant Director Steve Webb
  • Commentary by Producers Mark Burg, Oren Koules & Executive Producers Peter Block & Jason Constantine
  • The Pendulum Trap Featurette
  • The Cube Trap Featurette
  • The Coffin Trap Featurette
  • The Fatal Five Featurette
  • Slicing the Cube: Editing the Cube Trap Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Blu-Ray has all that plus a standard definition version of the film.  There is also a limited collector's edition of the DVD with a little button on the box that when you press it you hear Jigsaw's voice. 

Saw V hits DVD on January 20 and the regular DVD will run $29.95 and Blu-Ray is $39.99.  I'm still wondering though if Lionsgate is going to release a newer edition of Saw IV to DVD, they didn't relaese one before V so it makes me wonder if they've stopped the ludicris double dip ploy for the sequels.
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