Reedus Lands Lead In Messengers 2


Today STYD has learned that Norman Reedus will be a lead role in Ghost House Pictures The Messengers 2. Stepping up to the plate to direct will be Room 205 director Martin Barnewitz from a script written by Todd Farmer (Jason X, My Bloody Valentine 3D). Reedus will be joining Claire Holt, Richard Riehle, Matthew McNulty, Heather Stephens, Darcy Flowers and Kalina Green.

Reedus plays John Rollins, a North Dakota farmer facing some hardships with his family. When he places a mysterious scarecrow in his field his luck changes for the better...but it may be at the cost of his sanity. This entry will be heading straight to DVD unless of course they realize they have something more which does happen occasionally. Keep it here for more.

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